Market & Product Development Research

  • A key role of the Plastics Centre of Excellence is to provide research facilities for the Plastics Industry
  • The Centre offers market and product development research opportunities to individual companies or consortiums through the contracting arm of Plastics New Zealand
  • Project costs, research objectives and a stage gate time table are prepared after a full consultation with the Client. Assistance is also offered on research grant options
  • Each project would be assigned specialised personnel drawn from the University’s academic network, Polymer Consultants, overseas experts and the Centre’s own Post Graduate Researchers

Leading Edge Polymers Research

Generic research capabilities fall within the following broad guidelines:

  • Polymer Modification
  • Polymer Blends & Alloys
  • Polymer Processing
  • Product Design

Typical material research topics include:

  • Biodegradable Materials
  • Nano Materials
  • Oil Resistance Materials
  • Soft-touch Materials
  • Compatibilisation of Polymer Materials
  • Conducting Polymers
  • Sound Dampening Alloys
  • Optimisation of Melt Rheology
  • Compounding Materials
  • Fire Retardants